Bushranger multi-tool w trimmer attachment

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The BUSHRANGER MT2701 2-Stroke Multi-Tool is a light-weight but powerful multi-purpose tool. Weighing in at just 5.3 kg including the trimmer leg and boasting an output of 0.7 kW from the 26 cc 2-stroke engine, this is the intelligent answer for all round garden maintenance and landscaping. It adapts to your garden with four of the most useful attachments which are fitted and removed with a tool-free coupling making it easy to store and transport. You can choose from a hedge trimmer, pruner, edger and string trimmer attachments, making it the most versatile tool for home or as a perfect backup tool for your business.

Engine: YJE34FN, 2-Stroke engine Engine (cc): 26 cc Output: 0.7 kW Air Filter: Foam Displacement: 26 cc Carburettor: Walbro membrane type primer pump with adjustable high and low speed screw Fuel: 2-Stroke Fuel Ratio: 40:1 Fuel mix Fuel Capacity: 700 ml Fuel Filter: In tank pick-up filter type Cylinder Liner: Chrome plated (34 mm diameter) Ignition: Electronic Starter: Recoil starter Weight: 5.3 kg (with trimer leg) Optional accessories available for purchase separately include: Attachments- String trimmer attachment: BRUYJ85001 (which features a solid steel drive shaft a heavy-duty gear case.) Pruner attachment: BRUYJ85002 (which features an adjustable oil pump and 10" guide bar.) 2.2kg Edger attachment: BRUYJ85004 Articulated hedge trimmer attachment: BRUYJ85003 – 400 mm blade (16”) Double sided cut, Greaseable gearbox -2.5kg.
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Light-weight and powerful Adapts to accept four attachments Tool free quick release coupling - for quick attachment changes Attachments available: include trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger, pruner Fully adjustable carburettor Nylon bump feed head Metal