Power cut RS750 anvil lopper (comfort plus)

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German Made & Guaranteed for 10 Years, the WOLF-Garten RS750 Anvil Lopper is one of the toughest tree trimming tools available.

With a long 750mm handle for greater leverage, and a clever head design that provides 3 X cutting power, the RS750 makes short work of branches up to 45mm diameter

Featuring ergonomic design, comfort grips, shock absorbing dampeners and incredibly lightweight alloy construction, the RS750 is easy on the hands and can be used comfortably for extened periods of time.

The steel blades are hardened for ultimate durability and powerful aggressive cuts. The RS750 has the power to cut through all types of hardwoods, dead wood, and any tough pruning jobs with ease.

The RS750 is built to last and is perfect for both home users and professional contractors.

Color Black Handle type Ergonomic shape and comfort grips Features Power anvil design suited to harder wood
10 years