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Atom AIRLIFT ® very light weight. 3.5kg (when angled blower is at full blast)
New Atom technology delivers massive air blast with Atom SMARTFAN® (Pats. Pend.)
Professional steel springs anti-vibration rubber grip handle (Pats. Pend.)
Trigger throttle also with cruise control feature
Honda engine enhanced for extreme hot conditions to 42°C
Attachments – vacuum, roof gutter cleaner, sprayer-mister (optional extras)
Very user friendly
No wrist twisting from massive air blast
Single easy-to-use combination cruise control / stop switch system

Engine: Atom designed long life (500+ Hrs) 26HPE high performance 2-Stroke commercial engine. Made in Australia with Australian and imported components. Certified to meet Australian Euro5 emission standards. Max power rating: 0.9Kw (1.2Hp) Fuel mix: Petrol/oil, 50:1 Operating weight: 3.4Kg (AIRLIFT ® assists to lift up) Dry weight: 4.2Kg Max air speed: 335Km/Hr Max air volume: 890m3/Hr Nozzles supplied: 2 straight and 1 fishtail
835, 855 855 Domestic/Consumer use 3 years parts and labour. Commercial, Rental & Pro use 1 year parts and labour 838, 858 Domestic use – 4 years engine – 2 years other parts and labour. Commercial, Rental & Pro use – 1 year parts and labour.
Additional Info
Zero side kick from massive air blast. Atom AIRLIFT ® (patent pending) hand held blowers are designed for easy starting and massive air output so you do the job quicker. ATOM patented SMARTFAN ® blower impellor produces a massive air blast – more air than